Reliable, Affordable Plumbing in Charlton


Most of the time, plumbing jobs in Charlton are relatively straightforward. You don’t have the tools, time, or inclination to do them yourself, but you certainly don’t want to pay the rates charged by fully qualified plumbers to fix a dripping tap or unblock a sink. That’s where the Landon Handyman’s plumbing services come in.


Pay By the Hour for Minor Plumbing in Charlton


  • Call us anytime to get an instant quote, and get services seven days a week
  • Use handyman plumbers for domestic or commercial maintenance and improvements
  • Handymen are reference vetted, ID verified, and arrive in a branded vehicle and recognisable uniform
  • All services are fully insured, and quality is guaranteed
  • Make savings against our base rates by compiling a list of jobs, and booking a half or full day session


Unblocking, Fitting, and Repair Services


The kind of work completed by Landon Handyman’s plumbers generally falls into one of three categories:

Unblocking – Of sinks, showers, toilets, or baths. It’s much easier to unblock a clogged pipe sooner rather than later, so if you notice the water isn’t flowing as it should, it makes sense to get the problem sorted before it becomes an urgent issue – the sort of thing which would need more extensive and time consuming intervention later.

Fitting – Your plumber will fit a kitchen sink or a bathroom basin as well as toilets, baths, or showers. This service can also include plumbing in appliances or replacing a radiator in an existing system.

Repairs – Fixes for dripping taps, leaking showers, or burst pipes are all completed by handyman plumbers. Other minor jobs like replacing ballcocks or bleeding radiators are also suitable for this service.

Setting up your Charlton plumbers services is simple. Call us 24/7 on . Alternatively, use our contact form to tell us about the job you want done and we’ll get back to you. If you have photos that will show what you want done, do include them before sending off the form – pictures make it easier for our customer service team to assess the work you need.